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New, PRECOR 954i treadmill for a fraction of the price

We have acquired several high-quality PRECOR 954i treadmills, both with and without TV. These belts have been completely refurbished, including engine and rollers, and are ready for sale at a fantastic price. According to the version already from 35 000 CZK. We are accepting pre-orders now.

This model normally sells at a price of over $ 1,000, see for yourself. So there is no time to hesitate, we only have a few pieces.

The Precor's 954i Experience is designed to support the movement that is natural to the user. The design of this treadmill offers satisfactory exercise and keeps you motivated to continue. By implementing an impact control system with integrated Footplant (IFT) and GroundEffects (GFX) technology, the 954i delivers a flawless operation experience. You will be thrilled with this machine because it is built with lightness and durability in mind to provide the same quality to users of all levels.

This treadmill is used around the world for its excellent quality, durability and overall reliability. It is designed for the general public from beginner to the most advanced triathletes or long distance runners. Focusing on the variety of program options, an incredible speed range of up to 16 mph and a fantastic shock absorbing system that better protects your ankles, knees, hips and lower back like no other commercial treadmill on the market today.

The machine really works very easily. Its control is intuitive, just press START and walking can start. Just as easily set the tempo and if you put your hands on the handle, you monitor the machine and heart rate. If you have a Bluetooth device and pair it with a treadmill, you will get a more responsive sensor response. stops. If you like running down the hill, just push the button again and you will instantly "find yourself" in the hills.

The Precor 954i treadmill is the latest version of the C954 treadmill. The 954i treadmill is similar to its old version, except for the new fully integrated heart rate monitor and touch screen. The display includes 7 pre-programmed workouts from weight loss to interval workout. Also known for its exceptional commercial durability and ease of use, the Precor 954i uses a three-phase sensorless frequency converter that provides highly reliable and accurate speed control. In addition, the display shows: average speed, calories, missed calories, distance and heart rate. With an advanced 4.0 HP engine, low maintenance and an IFT-Drive controller, the Precor 954i maintains user satisfaction and provides a positive workout.

Precor 954i is ready to provide quality fitness solutions that work, Precor fitness equipment keeps your users happy no matter what their goal. Precor inspires life in motion. The 954i delivers smooth and responsive added value with integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) and Ground Effects (GFX) for the Impact Control System.

Precor treadmills are world class exercise machines. They are attractive, durable, easy to use and provide excellent support for runners. Everything is within your priorities. If the machine and training is crucial for your choice of the appropriate machine, choose Pecor. If you need bells and whistles to be motivated, look elsewhere.

Precor has existed for almost 4 decades and is considered one of the best innovators in fitness technology. While these treadmills are quite expensive, they are designed to last and are usually found in hotels and training clubs for commercial use by athletes and the public.



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We leave from Cologne, Stříbrná Skalice, Olomouc.

We offer complete post-warranty service and repair of various types and brands of fitness machines. We solve clients' problems, provide information service and review of the entire fitness center, hotel fitness.

The client approach  is a priority for us as a company, and although it is, of course, constantly - what to improve - as we have built our team in a nearly family atmosphere - so we would be glad to offer you a full range of our services in the event of damage to any kind of equipment - The fitness center - the wellness center has become an oasis of peace for the visitors and the community life places for sports activities have once again come to the maximum.

Refurbishment of fitness machines. We buy broken machines. We make treads, treadmill courts. Sales of spare parts.  

Post-warranty service at the customer  - Most repairs are carried out at the customer, the transport and the cost of repairs are charged according to the pricelist or agreement with the customer. Can also be used for cash on delivery via Toptrans.

Sale of reworked import machines such as  Precor, Life Fitness, Technogym, Matrix. Regular service. Refurbishment of  fitness machines

We buy  broken machines. Repair and  refurbishment of  the fitness engine. Treadmills , treadmill courts.

 Servicing and repair of fitness machines . Service and  repair of rollers  and other fitness equipment. Service of pressurizers . Service  cardio zone.  Service  throughout the gyms. Service  fitness center. 

Precor treadmill Treadmill 9.33
Price without VAT:1 130,- EUR
Price with VAT1 368,- EUR
Sleva5 080,- EUR
Původní cena6 448,- EUR
Precor 954i Experience Series Treadmill with TV
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, 35, 36, 37
price without dph from:1 133,- EUR
price with dph from1 371,- EUR
Matrix Livestrong T1x Treadmill - Refurbished
Price without VAT:1 133,- EUR
Price with VAT1 371,- EUR
Treadmill  MATRIX T3xe
Price without VAT:1 524,- EUR
Price with VAT1 844,- EUR
Sleva13 523,- EUR
Původní cena15 367,- EUR
fitness mashine  Hack- Squat Technogym silver line
Price without VAT:320,- EUR
Price with VAT387,- EUR
Sleva2 544,- EUR
Původní cena2 931,- EUR
Abdominal  CRUNCH Technogym ISOTONIC
Price without VAT:320,- EUR
Price with VAT387,- EUR
Sleva2 544,- EUR
Původní cena2 931,- EUR
Rotary torso Technogym ISOTONIC
Price without VAT:320,- EUR
Price with VAT387,- EUR
Sleva2 544,- EUR
Původní cena2 931,- EUR
Precor Crosstrainer EFX 5.35
Price without VAT:578,- EUR
Price with VAT699,- EUR
Sleva4 631,- EUR
Původní cena5 330,- EUR
Cross trainer life fitness 95XI
Price without VAT:643,- EUR
Price with VAT778,- EUR
Sleva5 956,- EUR
Původní cena6 733,- EUR
S-TRc running trainer
Price without VAT:1 260,- EUR
Price with VAT1 524,- EUR
Sleva6 252,- EUR
Původní cena7 776,- EUR
Price without VAT:36,- EUR
Price with VAT44,- EUR
Price without VAT:3,- EUR
Price with VAT4,- EUR
CEREAL & WHEY 30% Strawberry 1000g (bag)
Price without VAT:12,- EUR
Price with VAT15,- EUR
MULTIVITAMINUM powder with orange extract
Price without VAT:6,- EUR
Price with VAT8,- EUR
Star Trac S-TBTx Total Body Trainer
Price without VAT:1 518,- EUR
Price with VAT1 837,- EUR
Sleva3 986,- EUR
Původní cena5 823,- EUR
Instinct Leg press / calf - Leg press / calf 9IN-D1013
Price without VAT:969,- EUR
Price with VAT1 172,- EUR
Sleva2 716,- EUR
Původní cena3 888,- EUR
Instinct Inner / outer thigh - Adductor-Knocking / Abductor Rising 9IN-D1015
Price without VAT:904,- EUR
Price with VAT1 094,- EUR
Sleva2 013,- EUR
Původní cena3 107,- EUR
INSTALLATION MACHINE Instinct Abdominal Bench Bench Bench IN-B7505
Price without VAT:258,- EUR
Price with VAT313,- EUR
Sleva504,- EUR
Původní cena817,- EUR

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Perfektně se tráví. Celkově zlepšuje metabolismus, už po prvním použití. Při rýsování formy většina svalů zůstává a podkožní tuk jde dolů. Neskutečný efekt za nízkou cenu.

Asi jen to, že by to chtělo nějaké pořádné ochucení.


Příjemný přístup prodávajícího, bleskové doručení.


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Regular service of fitness machines. Service should be performed on a continuous basis. Regularly serviced service is a prerequisite for greater experience of sporting performances, but also for safety using well-serviced equipment.

Cardio machines are electrical appliances and can be dangerous if inappropriate use. Classic weight-training machines or dumbbells have sharp edges, broken strands without screws, etc. All this can damage your customer.

Why regular fitness machine servicing

Quiet in business
Quiet operation of your machines is important for you as your operator but also for your customers.

More customers because you have all the machines in operation.

Client approach is a priority for us as a company, and although it is of course constantly improving as we have built our team in a nearly family atmosphere, we would be glad to offer you the full range of our services in case of damage to all kinds of facilities so that your gym, wellness center has become an oasis of peace for the visitors and the community life places for sporting activities have once again come to life.


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