Vacu power


VACU POWER is a hermetically sealed vacuum therapy that delivers targeted fat burning efficiency in critical parts of the body (abdomen, buttocks, hips) and also influences the removal of water and all the harmful substances from the body.

Ultimate effect improves metabolism, skin smoothes, cellulite disappears, and very quickly and systematically drops excess centimeters in the desired parts.

vacuum power
improves blood circulation
accelerating the activity of the lymphatic system (better removal of metabolic products from the body)
activates fat burning
cellulite is eliminated
reducing excess centimeters in the waist, hips and buttocks
the figure is gently and non-visually modeled
removing swelling of the limbs
physical performance and fitness are improving
smoothes skin (better supply of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and oxygen, which positively affects the "orange skin")
vacuum power photo
Vacu power - this is the same system as Vacu Well, with Vacu power making intensive exercise and higher burning of excess fat. It is especially suitable for types of people with a higher weight and for those who want to lose weight more intensely by their own exercise. A combination of both devices, a pleasant stroll and intensive vacuum exercises are very appropriate.

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