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Customer service This is a situation where you call us and provide service at your home or in your sports facility. 

  • Crash
  • Preventive service
  • Workshop service
  • Cash on delivery service

Machine, motor, controller etc. can be sent by shipping service. These are cases where transport to you is too expensive. We will order the shipping company and arrange everything for you. You always know the prices ahead.

Small service is sent by Czech Post, Intaime, DPD prices up to 30kg from 100 - 250 CZK Large service is sent by Toptrans here a calculator for price calculation.

Service hours do not include spare parts prices.  

Examples of special repairs

  • Treadmill engine service from 1500 CZK
  • Control unit service from 2500 CZK
  • Servicing of drivers from 1000 CZK
  • Production of slip plate under the treadmill from 2000 CZK
  • engine repair on treadmill 1500-7000 kč
  • upholstery seat, lounger from 700 kč 
  • cable meter 240 Kč, ending 400 kč 
  • pulleys from 200 kč
  • Replacement of bearings from 500 CZK 
  • replacement of tread from 700 kč 

The machine is okay just want it to last longer

Great service -   This is a great service inspection of your machine, which you choose. our price list. In this package you have all the service tasks that are associated with the machine. The price is always determined by the type of machine.

The price of a large service package also includes commonly used material for service and basic spare parts such as bearings, fastening or anti-loosening screws, dry cleaning or cleaning. lubrication (for belts), chemical cleaning of chains and their lubrication, etc.

The customer is, of course, on the first service printed a service report to identify faults and evaluate the current state of their machines. 

 Small service -   This is the basic service of your machine. In this package you can buy service inspection, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance incl. commonly consumed material. At the same time, during this service operation, the reports on the status of your or your machines are drawn up, which reflect the actual condition and suggest any future repairs or maintenance. The price is always determined according to the type of machine.

  • Servicing of vacuum machines   
  • Service alpinning belts  
  • Service and repair of fitness machines Slender machines   
  • Fitness machines service and repair  
  • Cardio service zone  
  • Servicing whole gyms   
  • Fitness center service   
  • Service and repair of spinning bikes 
  • Treadmill service and repair  
  • Service and repair Vacu Shape  
  • Service and repair of alpinning and cross trainers   
  • Service and repair orbitracky  
  • Service and repair of exercise bikes   
  • Servicing fitness equipment  
  • Service and repair of pulleys and other fitness equipment.  
  • Servicing and repair of rehabilitation tables  
  • Vibration platform service  

We buy and pay cash - We also buy broken or damaged machines. 

What we buy:  Vacu vacuum machines. Treadmills, treadmills, electric, alpinning and professional machines. Cross trainers, orbitrack, treadmills, spinning bikes. Fitness machines, fitness towers, pulleys and other fitness equipment. Vibration platforms. Cabinets, tables, chairs, bars, motors.

Client approach is a priority for us as a firm and although there is always room for improvement, just as we have built our team in an almost family atmosphere, we would like to offer you a full range of our services in case of damage to equipment of all kinds. gym, wellness center, solar studio etc. has become an oasis of peace for the visitors and the community life of places for sports enjoyed again to the maximum.

Although, of course, we do not wish you any failure of the physical or mental condition, we would be pleased if you could contact our team at any time with confidence regarding any defect or intention to renovate. You may be surprised at how readily our team will bring everything back to trouble-free operation.   

An integral part of the Fitness Emergency concept   is also operational assistance or direct mediation in equipping or replenishing the inventory of sports trainers and machines, both for home and professional or rehabilitation use.

Business conditions for fitness machines service

Client service   739 767 387 

Questions about servicing fitness machines  603 901 928

Purchase, purchase, complaints   733 785 955

operated by:   Company can be FIT sro

TIN :  01526642  IČO : 01526642

Workshop:   Zengrova 131, Kolin IV, 280 02 Kolin

Registered office:  Prague - Žižkov, Vlkova 821/23, postcode 130 00. 

Buy  Fitness 

Fitness   Fitness 

We offer complete after-warranty service and repairs of various types and brands of fitness machines. We solve client problems, provide information service and revisions of the entire fitness centers, hotel fitness.

Our client approach  is a priority for us as a firm and although of course there is always - what to improve - just as we have built our team in an almost family atmosphere - The gym - wellness center has become an oasis of peace for visitors and the community life of sports facilities has come to life again.

Reconditioning of fitness machines. We buy broken machines. We make treads, treadmill courts. Sales of spare parts.  

Post-warranty service at the customer  - Most repairs are carried out at the customer's side, transport costs and the price of repairs are charged according to the price list or agreement with the customer. Cash on delivery via Toptrans is also possible.

Sales of refurbished machines from imports such as  Precor, Life Fitness, Technogym, Matrix. Regular service. Reconditioning of  fitness machines

We buy  broken machines. Repair and  refurbishment of the engine  for fitness machines. Treads , treadmill courts.

Fitness machines  service and repair. Service and  repair of pulleys  and other fitness equipment. Servicing of pressure machines . Cardio service  zone.  Servicing  whole gyms. Service  fitness center.  Regular servicing of fitness machines.  Service should be performed on an ongoing basis. Regularly performed service is a prerequisite for greater experience of sports performance, but also safety when using high-quality service equipment. Cardio machines are electrical appliances, they can be dangerous if used improperly. Conventional fitness machines or dumbbells have sharp edges, damaged ropes, tightened screws, etc. All this can harm your customer.

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739 767 387

IČO:  71276742

Dílna:  Zengrova 131, Kolín IV, 280 02 Kolín

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