rowing simulator KETTLER COACH E

rowing simulator KETTLER COACH E

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rowing simulator KETTLER COACH E Star trac
Manufacturer:Star trac
Price with VAT : 538,- EUR
Price without VAT : 445,- EUR
prepoctena cena:13 600,- CZK
preoccupied price without dph:11 240,- CZK
VAT:21 %
Sleva:332,- EUR
Original price with VAT:870,- EUR
The original price excluding VAT:719,- EUR
Warranty: Záruka 1 měsíc
Warranty: No guarantee

KETTLER COACH E rowing machine in new black design. The treadmill is equipped with a practical "flip" mechanism for better storage even in smaller spaces. The induction brake makes this innovated treadmill an ideal rowing ergometer with the option of exact load calculation depending on the pull intensity, a choice of a total of 12 training programs or aerobic training options. COACH E was developed for endurance and fitness training, which faithfully simulates the ergonomics of movement in classic rowing. Thanks to additional pulling exercises, this treadmill is a multifunctional tool with a wide range of strengthened areas, which are used mainly by professional and semi-professional athletes or more demanding fans of home fitness.

Who is suitable for?

Rowing moves between aerobic and strength sports and is ideal for endurance training. Thanks to the induction brake and high-quality long drive, this rowing machine is mainly sought by active athletes, but equally well suited for more demanding users for home training focused on body shaping or keeping fit. The rowing machine is also a suitable tool for the prevention or rehabilitation of back pain.

Special features of the COACH E

  • Computer controlled induction braking system . The calibrated braking system is based on an induction coil controlled by a training computer. The load range can be set between 1-15 load stages. Depending on the pull intensity, the computer calculates the average or maximum power during the pull. The maximum tensile power that can be achieved is 500 W. The load is evaluated with an accuracy of 3%, which is guaranteed by the factory-fitted brake calibration protocol.
  • Unique travel system . Anatomically shaped travel seat is fitted with industrial-grade silicone wheels that move along polished profiles. This mechanism guarantees a sufficiently long, absolutely quiet and smooth travel.
  • Innovated tilt mechanism.  Flipping the treadmill into a vertical position is a very practical solution, especially when there is not enough storage space, allowing trouble-free storage of the rowing machine even in smaller rooms.
  • Additional pulling exercises.  The universal design allows you to perform pulling exercises while standing on the lower pulley. An additional backrest creates a bench suitable for supine pulling exercises.

Other parameters of the COACH E

  • Training computer.  Clear LCD display SIEMENS with 8 permanently displayed functions. It measures time, training distance (including the total number of kilometers driven), pulse, average and maximum power, frame rate (with acoustic signal), total number of shots, and power consumption. Optical and acoustic signaling when the upper limit of the pulse is exceeded together with the indication of the percentage. Exhalation pulse evaluation including condition mark 1-6. After the training, average training values are displayed. Possibility to set the frequency of the acoustic signal to indicate the tempo of the pull.
  • Software . A total of 12 programs, including 6 × watt profile, 1 × pulse-controlled program (Fat / Fit / manual) and 4 pre-set pulse profile. Possibility to preset target values for frame rate, time, distance, power consumption and cardio zone (Fat / Fit / manual).
  • Foil display and computer keyboard.  Impermeable protection against sweat.
  • Silent transmission system.  All rotary joints are fitted with industrial bearings. The reversible tow rope with a special surface finish rotates the 6 kg flywheel, which is calibrated against oscillation. The transmission system is set at a 1: 5 center / flywheel ratio.
  • Equipment of the simulator.  Anatomically shaped saddle with a unique travel system, wheels for handling, additional padded 50 x 30 cm pad for fitness pulling exercises lying down. The treadmill can be folded into the storage position.
  • Electronic pulse measurement . Through a chest strap that measures with ECG accuracy (included). Integrated signal receiver from Cardio Puls Set.
  • Powering the treadmill.  Mains connection: 230 V / 50 Hz.
  • Minimum space requirement.  Dimensions after assembly to vertical training position (L × W × H): 206 × 53 × 67 cm. Dimensions after tilting horizontally (L × W × H): 67 × 53 × 206 cm.

Training on the rowing machine

Strengthened parts and impact on health:

  • upper body: abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, arms
  • lower half of the body: buttocks, thighs, calves

Exercise on the rowing machine involves all the muscular parts, especially legs, back, hands, breasts and abdomen. It is important to ensure proper exercise, regular rowing can also be helpful in relieving back pain. The KETTLER COACH E rowing ergometer allows you to perform additional standing exercises on the lower pulley and pulling exercises lying down, which are used to practice the upper muscles in particular. At the same time rowing as the only style of training strengthens all muscle groups evenly.

Technology used

  • electromagnetic induction braking system
  • seat travel on polished profiles
  • POLAR signal receiver
  • electronics SIEMENS

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