Matrix fitness

Matrix fitness 

Matrix is one of the most important and fastest growing brands in the world. While our growth was fast, it was not accidental. Our culture boasts innovative thinking, appreciates new ideas and evaluates creative solutions to problems. As a result, we have restored the design standard that others are trying to do now, and we breathe new life into the industry where customers each year offer the same tired products by meeting customer needs as no one else can.

Leading clubs and fitness centers around the world are determined to work with us as Matrix delivers. We show our strength in our top quality: our belts last longer, our engines run smoothly and we provide the total cost of ownership that is one of the lowest in the industry. Smart is the interface that is optimized for the fitness environment, lightweight stacks that do not restrict attention and incredible attention to detail at every touch point. Beautiful? This is a story in itself.

We have redefined industry standards not only in industrial design but also in a number of industrial elements. The new products for fitness were introduced by Hybrid Cycle and Ascent Trainer® products. lifted the user experience bar with our ClimbMill models; and took care of the details with our user-friendly motorcycles. We motivated and inspired group training with our Johnson G. Connexus and Krankcycle® Functional Training system. We have promoted the use of excessive tubular structures in powerful devices and we are leading an industrial line with large ranges of Magnum and Varsity forces.

The Matrix comes with the most connected console 7xi, our training tracking network - which combines expansive entertainment with integrated fitness tracking functionality - and a comprehensive portfolio strength that meets a wide range of needs and supports customers at every stage of their fitness.

Vyberte variantu: Manufacturer: Řadit podle:
Treadmill MATRIX T7XE
price without dph from:1 661,- EUR
price with dph from2 010,- EUR
Treadmill MATRIX MX-T5X
Více položek >>
119, 120, 121
price without dph from:1 334,- EUR
price with dph from1 614,- EUR
Treadmill  MATRIX T3xe
price without dph from:1 282,- EUR
price with dph from1 551,- EUR
price without dph from:1 154,- EUR
price with dph from1 396,- EUR
Treadmill MATRIX MX-T3X
price without dph from:1 092,- EUR
price with dph from1 321,- EUR
Matrix Fitness E5X Elliptical Cross Trainer - Commercial Gym Equipment
price without dph from:1 062,- EUR
price with dph from1 285,- EUR
price without dph from:1 032,- EUR
price with dph from1 249,- EUR
Rotoped Matrix U5x
Price without VAT:582,- EUR
Price with VAT705,- EUR


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