Obchodní podmínky

erms and Conditions  

1.) General provisions

Service Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the   (hereinafter referred to as the "Contracts") between the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer" or "the Client") and the Contractor, as defined in the Commercial Code or the Civil Code.

1.2.) The contract may be concluded in writing or orally. Written Agreement means the contractor i   signed by the client   receive device to   service intervention (doc   called "Order Sheet").

1.3) The transfer of the facility to a third party is considered as a proposal for the conclusion of an oral agreement   for the purpose of service by the contractor in accordance with Article 7.1   these conditions. The contract is concluded at the moment of physical acceptance of the equipment by the contractor to   service intervention. For transferring the device to a third party to   carriage for the purpose of service is understood to mean, in particular,   repair via a shipping service or postal licensee where the customer expresses his / her will to   the conclusion of the   either a completed or sent copy of the "Order of Repair" web form or a cover letter sent together with a   service intervention, v   on which   the service intervention in writing, or by written or verbal approval of the order created together with   business agent. The signing of the Contract on the part of the Customer replaces either the Customer's signature in   accompanying letter enclosed with   sent device or expressing consent   by completing the Contract by submitting a completed "Order of Repair" web form. IN   in the case of sending a completed web form "Repair Order", the Customer is required to express his / her consent   by the conclusion of the Agreement before its dispatch is notified by the following text:   "Fill out the form and send it out of the form   from the legal point of view as a valid OT   A WORK concluded in the sense of the Commercial Code or the Civil Code. An integral part of this   The work concluded between the customer and the contractor is the CONTRACTOR'S SERVICE CONDITIONS. Customer (Customer) declares that he / she has been familiar with the form before sending the form   these Service Terms and Conditions of the Contractor, which are also available at the Internet address listed in   Article 1.4   these conditions. By submitting the completed form, the Customer declares that he has become acquainted with the contractor's service terms and accepts them without reservation. "

1.4.) The service terms are available on the website   http://www.fitnessservis.cz/   and   www.fitnessservis.cz .   Part of the Agreement is the Service Terms applicable to   the date of acceptance of the contract by the contractor.

1.5) The customer has the right to request a free 1   a copy of the service terms and conditions applicable on the date of conclusion of the Agreement or, where applicable,   available 24   hours per day on a website  http://www.fitnessservis.cz/   and   www.fitnessservis.cz , for each certified service technician and v   each Fitness Service facility.

1.6.) V   if the equipment is handed over personally by the contractor to the contractor   service repairs / repairs, the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions fully and without reservation.

1.7.) All contractual relationships are closed in   compliance with   the legal order of the Czech Republic. If a consumer is a contracting party, the relations not governed by the business conditions are governed by the Civil Code (No. 40/1964 Coll.) And the Act on   consumer protection (No. 634/1992 Coll.). If the other party is a party, the relations not governed by the commercial conditions are governed by the Commercial Code (No. 513/1991 Coll.), All as amended   novel.

1.8.) If an article of the Contractor's Contract or the Service Terms of the Contractor is affected by amendments to the legal regulations or by the adoption of new legislation in conflict with   the law of the Czech Republic, then the validity of the relevant article is affected by the actual text of the law, and v   the scope of invalidity of the relevant provision takes precedence over the text of the current legal regulation before the Contract and the Service Terms. Termination of part of the contract under this point shall not affect the validity of the remaining points of the Agreement and the Service Terms.

2.   Contract price

2.1) Part of the Agreement is the limit price of the contract, based on   the estimated time and material demands of the contract, as set out in the Contract.

2.2.) If it is not possible to forward in   at the moment of the conclusion of the Contract the limit price is set, then it is considered that the limit price of the contract is set as a preliminary price in   a minimum of 1000  CZK incl. VAT (hereinafter referred to as the "Minimum Limit Value" or "MLC"). Request from the customer to accept the item to   without fixing the preliminary price is unjustified as it is in   conflict with Section 636  paragraph 1   civil code.

2.3.) The MLC is not established on the basis of expert diagnostics of the required service intervention by the technician. Therefore, the contractor reserves the right to set a minimum limit value for the contract following the expert diagnosis, which corresponds to the detected range of defects and the anticipated range of work and material needed to   service intervention.

If the new MLC exceeds the pre-price of   more than 10%, then the contractor interrupts the work on the order and notifies the client orally or in writing of the need to exceed the MLC. IN   the contractor will continue to work on the order once the customer agrees   new minimum limit value.

If the customer does not agree with   the newly established MLC, is obliged to pay the contractor for the work done so far, at least 350 CZK + VAT 21%. (this amount corresponds to the costs of diagnosing the causes of the defect and making a quotation).

If the newly established MLC does not exceed the pre -   more than 10%, the Customer undertakes to pay the newly established MLC, p   the new MLC agrees without the need to understand it   newly designed MLC. IN   in such a case, it is sufficient to inform the client about   newly established MLC v   final billing for work performed (service performed).

2.4.) The Contractor reserves the right to   during the realization of the order agreed minimum price i   change multiple times if it occurs in   the process of diagnosing and executing the order to identify previously unknown facts affecting the contract price. However, the contractor will always ask for an oral or written consent to change the minimum price limit on the part of the customer.

2.5.) If the Customer fails to notify   ordering a different maximum price, the Contractor always considers the negotiated maximum price of CZK 1,000 without VAT (hereinafter referred to as the "maximum limit price").

2.6.) The customer is obliged to pay the contractor for the performed service intervention the amount charged, if he does not exceed the most recently agreed limit price   more than 10%, without any obligation on the part of the contractor to continue to charge the final price with the customer.

2.7.) The Contractor undertakes to submit to the Client for free the limit price of the order, based on   the results of expert diagnostics by the customer of the reported device faults. However, it is not the duty of the contractor to communicate to the customer for FREE with   By offering also a list of the works and materials that will lead to   repairing your device.

2.8.) If the Customer, prior to agreeing the contract price, requires the Contractor to provide a list of works and materials that will lead to   repair the equipment, then it is   the requirement to deliver the product "device diagnosis" by a contractor provided for a fee. Product price "device diagnostics" is 350, - CZK + VAT 21%. This price will only be charged to the customer requesting the product   in the case of a subsequent refusal to execute the contract, as the diagnosis of the causes of the defect and the making of the bid is the result of time   technically demanding work of the technician and other workers of the contractor.

2.9.) Before completing the repair of the device, the Customer may withdraw from the contract (ie cancel the order) in   following cases:

- 2.9.1.) When the contractor informs the customer in writing or orally of his intention to increase the cost of repair or maintenance and the   this price does not agree. IN   in such case the Customer is obliged to pay to the Contractor the work already done and the costs incurred according to the originally agreed price, regardless of whether the Customer   partial performance of the benefit repair (if, for example,   partial removal of a defect, etc.). This Agreement is without prejudice to the validity of Article 2.3   these conditions.

- 2.9.2.) Until completion of the repair or maintenance, the Customer may withdraw from the contract (cancel the order) and   for no reason, but in   in such a case, the Customer is obliged to pay to the Contractor the amount that corresponds to the work already done and the ordered or delivered material. At the same time, the Contractor shall have the right to require the Customer to reimburse the expen - diture incurred in connection with the   by withdrawing from the contract (transport of material from the customer, subcontractors   and ­ under.)

2.10.) If the Customer refuses to pay the price charged under the Agreement and the Service Terms, such action shall be considered a breach of Contract by the Client. If it does not   another contractor's agreement with   by the Client, the Contractor is entitled under Section 175   and others. of the Civil Code to make use of the retention right and the order for the client not to pay the price until the price has been paid. If the customer is in   delay in paying the price of service services, he is also obliged to pay to the contractor also statutory interest from   Delay for the period of time the Customer has delayed   it takes.

2.11.) V   in the event that the customer fails to recover the matter entrusted to the contractor   repair within 6 months of sending a call to   the Contractor undertakes to physically dispose of the facility without the Customer's claim for damages. The Contractor also reserves the right to sell or otherwise use such a non-rented thing in order to compensate the customer for the unpaid costs incurred in   context of   repairing your device. If the address of the ordering party is known to the contractor and if it is the case   a matter of greater value (according to Government Decree No. 258/1995 Coll., a matter of greater value is more than 3000)  CZK), the contractor is obliged to   the intended sale or liquidation of the order of the customer in advance and provide him with a reasonable additional period of two weeks to   pick up   things.

2.12.) Under Section 656   of the Civil Code, the Client is obliged to collect the matter within two weeks of the expiration of the period when the repair or adjustment was to be made and, if later, within two weeks of receiving the notification of the   its implementation. If he fails to do so, he is obliged to pay the storage fee, which is 50, -CZK incl. VAT   /day.

2.13.) V   the time the customer is in   delay with   by taking over the serviced item, the risk of loss, destruction, damage and accidental destruction of the item passes to the ordering party (§ 520   and § 522   Civil Code).

3.   Warranties

3.1.) The contractor shall provide a consumer with a guarantee for fitness equipment repair 3   month in   compliance with Section 654   Of the Civil Code.

3.2.) The consumer is required to review the full functionality of the device in his own interest by 24   hours after receipt from the contractor. For later claims of defects that are not directly related to   the work done will not be considered as a warranty. This paragraph does not apply to the warranty for a defect that has been the subject of service.

3.3.) Exceptions to guarantees:

- 3.3.1) If it is a repair of any fitness equipment that contains some of the   the following components - the engine, the control unit, the belt, the belt gurus, the runway under the belt gurture - all the above-described parts of the equipment must always be repaired or replaced or repaired. The customer will always be informed by the service technician about this fact. If the customer expressly wishes to replace only one part of  the above components and the failure of the other components listed above to result in the failure of a repaired or replaced or repaired part, the contractor can not accept this fact as a claim.

3.4.) Warranty for persons using the equipment for commercial purposes

-   3.4.1) Warranty for service of domestic, club and semi - professional equipment used in   commercial establishments (equipment is not designated by the manufacturer as professional or commercially suitable) - The contractor provides a guarantee only for the functionality of the equipment immediately after servicing, that is, for testing.

- 3.4.2.) The warranty for servicing professional equipment is for minor repairs not related to the main machine components (see paragraph 3.4.3.), 2 weeks.

- 3.4.3.) Warranty on spare parts used for complete refurbishment of the equipment - that all the main components (motors, control units, belts, bearings, belt gurts, runners) are replaced for 3 months. However, regular maintenance must be carried out as instructed by the Fitness Service technicians, the equipment must not be in   dusty or humid environment, the equipment must be serviced after every 400 hours of operation.

- 3.4.4.) An individual warranty may be agreed upon for service, which must be approved by the head of Fitness Servis Bc. Martin Pokorný.

4.   Warranty repairs

4.1.) The Contractor is legally obliged to settle the claim for a warranty claim by 30   days after receiving your device to   warranty repair.

4.2.) Complaint is understood to mean the removal of the claimed defect or the return of the money for the previous service intervention, or the realization of another solution in agreement with   by the customer   For example, a reasonable reduction in the cost of repairs or   adjustments

4.3.) Warranty repair requirements will not be recognized as eligible in   these cases   :

- 4.3.1.) If the warranty claim is not recognized by the contractor as authorized, the service case will not be considered as a warranty.

- 4.3.2.) If the seals are damaged on the equipment complained of.

- 4.3.3.) If the reported defect does not appear during the entrance tests and if the customer is unable to demonstrate the defect visibly before the contractor.

- 4.3.4.) If it is the cause of the failure to follow the instructions in   User Guide to   equipment or instructions provided by the contractor in   of the   service intervention.

- 4.3.5.) If it is the cause of a device pollution malfunction or neglect of periodic maintenance.

- 4.3.6.) If the device was used in a manner that is in   contradiction with   manufacturer's instructions or the instructions of the contractor.

- 4.3.7.) If the   overdue longer than 7   days after the occurrence of the defect and its claim (physical delivery of the device to   claim to contractor) u   troubleshooting where the use of the device, regardless of the defect, may affect the deterioration of the claimed defect or cause other damage to the device.

- 4.3.8.) If the cause of the complaint is not related directly to   work done on equipment in   within the claimed service intervention, according to the work done and the statement of the items charged on the delivery service report.

- 4.3.9.) Z   of the other grounds of   the current version of these service terms of the contractor.

5.   Limitation of contractor 's liability for the equipment supplied by the customer to   service execution   intervention

5.1.) Contractor from   the principle can not guarantee and does not guarantee the data stored on the data media and the customer's facilities and this data is   delete or alter the service intervention. Customer request to   the retention of data in the facilities entrusted is therefore regarded as unauthorized and will not be taken into account by the contractor   - said request is considered void i   in   where expressly stated in the Contract. Therefore, the customer should have the data before handing over the device to   service intervention i   in   routine backup operations. If this option is not available, the data backup on demand can be provided by the contractor at the expense of the customer.

5.2.) The Contractor shall not be liable for any defects in the product that have not been proven by the Customer to be aware of any defects in the product that existed prior to the acceptance of the order (eg cracks, malfunctions of the equipment that could not be repaired, etc.) wear during the necessary input and output tests, for faults to   which occurs spontaneously during external operation.

5.3.) The contractor guarantees the functionality of the device after service intervention in   the extent agreed in   order order or v   of the scope corresponding to the standard output tests of the equipment carried out in accordance with the contractor's internal directives. All defects that do not meet these criteria in   any later claim will be considered a non-warranty.

5.4.) If the manufacturer fails to perform the ordered service / repair from   technical or financial reasons, or if the customer withdraws from the Contract, the equipment will be restored only if it is technically possible and if the customer pays the cost of working with   this is linked to the contractor's intervention schedule.

5.5.) The Contractor is authorized to perform on the equipment the technical actions necessary to ascertain the financial cost of the total repair / service intervention, without the customer's right to free the device to the original state if the   technical or financial reasons   completion of the contract.

5.6.) The Contractor shall be liable for damage to the equipment entrusted to him by the Customer   performing a service intervention from the time of its physical takeover. IN   in the event of loss of the entrusted device or damage to the entrusted device from   for reasons other than those listed in   Service Terms, will replace the Customer with equipment damage up to the actual value of the device corresponding to the type of device, its age and type of damage,   which has been demonstrably physically handed over to the contractor   repair. If the Contractor and the Customer do not match the amount of the damages, then the Customer may ask the Contractor to set the amount of the damage by a certified forensic expert on the joint costs (each ½ of the actual costs). The amount of damage thus determined will be considered by both parties to be final and indisputable. The Contractor shall have the right to request advance payment of the costs of an expert. The Contractor is not responsible for damage to the equipment that originated in   from the time the device is handed over to a third person in accordance with Article 7.1   these conditions into its physical delivery to the contractor. The moment of transition of liability for damage to the matter is the physical handover of the device to   service intervention by the contractor or by a third party.

5.7.) The Customer acknowledges that the Contractor is not responsible for and is not liable for any costs incurred by the Client in   context of   repair of equipment, ie lost profits, costs of telephone charges, transportation costs   etc.

5.8.) In the event of disputes concerning defects or damage to equipment handed over to the contractor   service intervention is in   the client's interest to undoubtedly document the status of the facility, prior to its handover to a third party   transport or contractor, eg by damaging damaged areas, visible mechanical wear of parts, etc. Z

the cashier shall not be liable for such wear or mechanical damage by the Client of the delivered equipment that the Customer is not capable of proving to declare as arising from   contractor. Proof of documentation of the state of the equipment before repair is not considered unilateral declaration of the customer in the contract   state of the device being transmitted   - the contractor performs all service interventions on the equipment used and verbally, the degree of wear and tear can not be clearly and unambiguously described.

5.9.) U   orders placed by the customer on the buyer indirectly (ie by ordering a web order or sending the equipment to the customer through a third party), the contractor is not allowed to influence the text stated by the customer in   Ordering a repair or a cover letter for the device. All texts provided by the Client in   the Order (s) thus executed are considered as unilateral statements by the Customer and are not legally binding for the Contractor as these texts are automatically transferred to the text of the Contract without the Contractor's intervention and this is the part of the Contractor as printed in   compliance with   point 1.3.   service conditions. In addition, the contractor is not required to   the moment of taking the item to   repair to perform complex device tests to verify all of the Customer's claims stated in the Agreement   - especially those that are not obvious at first glance, both u   personal handover of the case to   repair so u   devices transferred to   repair through a third party. If the contractor in   during the course of the engagement he / she finds a discrepancy between the statements made by the client and the fact, then he / she is not responsible for the mismatch and has the right to bring the text of the Contract into line with reality. At the same time, the client will be notified of this discrepancy. The contractor is entitled to make a finding of nonconformity of the customer's claim with the fact at any time, not just when the device is being repaired. This paragraph concerns in particular the state of the equipment, the list of accessories supplied and the objectively difficult to ascertain information about   devices at first glance invisible, such as the state of control units, motors, bearings, belts, device functionality, noise, mechanical wear of parts, and battery capacity.

6.   Faulty parts and their replacement

6.1.) The contractor is in   Under the repair of the equipment, it undertakes to ecologically dispose of the replaced defective parts at its own cost, unless the Customer in the Contract requires the return of faulty parts after the repair.

6.2.) The contractor reserves the right to v   in cases where the possibility of acquiring service parts is limited or unprofitable, the right in   service contracts to replace original defective parts with equivalent spare parts and   repaired device to the desired function as well as the original part.

6.3.) The Customer acknowledges that u   Some types of repairs occur when removing, diagnosing or replacing faulty components   irreversible mechanical, thermal, electrical or chemical damage to such components and v   it is not technically feasible to place the device in a state of the proper state prior to the service intervention, unless there is   successfully completing the fix from   technical, economic or other objective or subjective reasons.

6.4.) The Customer acknowledges that u   devices repaired in the "exchange system" (defective block with u   the supplier changes the whole for a new or repaired block with a warranty), it is not possible to demand the return of the defective block after the repair of the equipment, since the faulty part with the replacement became the property of the subcontractor of the contractor, who   the exchange system provided a replacement for the part thus exchanged which is more advantageous than the price of the regular ordering of the part   manufacturer. If the customer in   in such a case for the return of the defective part, the Contractor reserves the right to withdraw from the repair offer under the agreed price conditions.

7.   Transport equipment to   repair

7.1) Customers from   of the Czech Republic may use the services of the postal license holder or other forwarding agents or transport services (hereinafter referred to as "third party") to   sending device to   Perform Service Service at the address of Fitness Servis, Pod Kavalírkou 458/18, 150 00 Praha 5 (hereinafter referred to as "Service").

7.2.) The customer is required to know before dispatching the device in   use of Service with   the transport conditions of the third party concerned, particularly with regard to the weight and method of packing, and to observe these conditions.

7.3.) The Contractor shall not be liable for the manner of packaging the dispatched technique by the Customer and for any damages resulting from the shipment in   due to the fact that he can not influence the way the package is packed.

8.   The process of claiming a damaged device when transporting to a customer

8.1.) If a customer discovers damage to the equipment after his return by a third party, it is imperative to acknowledge the claim for the claim and the claim for damages within the next business day from the delivery of the parcel to the contractor's service dispatching center and at the same time to send an e- address office (zavinac) fitnessservis.cz. The report shall indicate the package number, contract number, detailed verbal description of the package and its contents.

8.2.) If the customer has the option to take the damage, we recommend sending it by e-mail i   these supporting documents   damage.

8.3)   Delay from delivery of the package after reporting damage longer than 1   business day, the claim of the recipient of the package for the recognition of the claim and the refund shall expire   damage.

8.4.) S   package and its contents may not be manipulated by the recipient until he has received instructions from the contractor's   complaints. IN   in no case may the recipient send the damaged package immediately back to the sender without following the above prescribed procedure.

8.5.) V   in case of doubt about   the fault on the part of the transport service must allow the customer to investigate the damage by the complaining carrier of the transport service at the place where the damage was identified by the recipient of the package.

Company can be FIT sro

IČO: 01526642

Registered office: Praha - Žižkov,   Vlkova 821/23, postal code   130 00

Workshop:   Stříbrná Skalice, Pražská 223, PSČ: 281 67

Service Terms  

BUSINESS CONDITIONS AND ADVERTISING RULES for the sale of spare parts and fitness equipment

These conditions become effective on 1.1. 2014   version 1.0


The terms and conditions specify and specify the rights and obligations   of the seller , which is:

Company can be FIT sro

, a   buyer .

All contractual relationships are closed in   compliance with   the legal order of the Czech Republic. If a consumer is a contracting party, the relations not governed by the business conditions are governed by the Civil Code (No. 89/2012 Coll.) And the Act on   consumer protection (No. 634/1992 Coll.). If the party is not a consumer, the relations governed by the commercial conditions are governed by the Civil Code (No. 89/2012 Coll.).

I. Definition of terms

Seller   when concluding and fulfilling the contract he acts in   business or other business activity. It is a natural person doing business that delivers products or services to the buyer directly or through other entrepreneurs.

The customer of our internet shop is   a buyer who chooses and considers himself at the stage of the order (which can then go to   purchase contract) becomes buyer   consumer   or   businessman   according to the following criteria:  

Consumer   is any person who enters into a contract with his / her business beyond the scope of his or her independent business   seller or otherwise treats it.

Businessman   is the person who independently carries out on his own account and the responsibility for gainful activity in a trade or similar manner with the intention of doing so consistently for profit. Any person who concludes contracts related to his / her own business, production or similar activity or in the independent exercise of his / her profession or, as the case may be, a person acting in the name or on behalf of the entrepreneur is also considered to be the entrepreneur.

II. Purchase agreement and notice before closing

If the buyer is a consumer , the proposal for the conclusion of the purchase contract (offer) is the placement of the offered goods by the seller on   Internet site operated on the Internet domain:  www.fitnessservis.cz , the purchase contract is created by sending the order to the consumer and accepting the order by the seller. This acceptance will be immediately confirmed by the seller to the buyer by an informative e-mail to   e-mail entered in the order, at   However, the creation of the contract does not affect this confirmation. The resulting contract (including the agreed price) may be altered or canceled only by agreement of the parties or for legal reasons. If the purchase contract is concluded at a distance (via internet, e-shop, etc.), the seller provides the buyer with the written form in the form of: a /   Booking the order by e-mail   b / The sales document (invoice), which is part of the delivered goods.

Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer is allowed to check and modify the data entered by the buyer in the order, also in view of the buyer's ability to identify and correct the errors that occurred when entering the data into the order. The order is sent by the buyer to the seller by clicking on the "Send order" button.

If the buyer is a businessman , a proposal for the conclusion of the purchase contract is the order of goods sent to the buyer and the purchase contract itself is concluded at the moment of delivery of the binding agreement of the seller to the buyer with this proposal.

By sending an order or by closing the purchase agreement, the buyer confirms that he has met   these terms and conditions, including   complaint procedure   and that with   they agree. These buyer terms and conditions are fairly pre-eminent   by making an order, alerted and has the opportunity to   to get to know them.                                                              

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order (purchase contract) or part thereof in the following cases:

goods are no longer manufactured or   it does not significantly change the price of the supplier or the goods   in the event of incorrect input of the goods parameters into websites   v případě, že kupující spotřebitel nebo podnikatel již zaplatil část nebo celou kupní cenu, bude tato částka převedena zpět na jeho účet nebo adresu a kupní smlouva nebude uzavřena. 

Na dary, které jsou poskytovány zcela zdarma, nelze uplatnit žádná práva spotřebitele. Takové zboží splňuje podmínky dárkové smlouvy a všechny normy podle platných právních předpisů České republiky.

Dodavatel uvádí, že:

  • Vyžaduje zaplacení kupní ceny nebo její poměrné částky jako zálohy před přijetím objednávky u konkrétního zboží. Určení toho, co je a co není specifické, stejně jako výše vkladu určuje prodávající. 
  • Ceny zboží a služeb jsou uvedeny na internetových stránkách provozovaných prodávajícím s DPH. Firma může být FIT sro 
    není poplatníkem DPH, včetně všech poplatků stanovených zákonem, avšak náklady na dodání zboží nebo služby se liší podle zvolené metody a dopravce a způsobu úhrady, který je uveden na www.fitnessservis.cz . 
  • Prodávající není plátcem DPH.
  • Prodávající si vyhrazuje právo na vlastnictví, a proto se kupující stává vlastníkem pouze s úplnou platbou kupní ceny. 
  • Prodávající neodpovídá za škody na zboží, majetku nebo zdraví způsobené neprofesionální manipulací, instalací nebo používáním zboží.
  • The offer of goods sale also includes the prices of these goods as long as they are displayed in the Web Interface of the Internet Domain: www.fitnessservis.cz . 

III. The right to defect in the purchase contract

The law and obligation of the Contracting Parties shall be governed by the relevant generally binding provisions (in particular the provisions of Sections 1914 to 1925, Sections 2099 to 2117 and Sections 2161 to 2174 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code).         

The seller replies to the consumer that at the time the consumer took over the item:

  • has no defects
  • has properties that the parties have negotiated and, if not agreed upon, such features as the seller or the manufacturer has described or which the buyer expects with regard to the nature of the goods and the advertising,
  • je vhodný pro účely, které prodávající označuje nebo k němuž se obvykle používá věc svého druhu,
  • odpovídá kvalitě nebo výkonu odsouhlaseného vzorku nebo originálu, pokud byla kvalita nebo návrh určen na základě dohodnutého vzorku nebo originálu,
  • je v příslušném množství, stupni nebo hmotnosti
  • splňuje zákonné požadavky.

Pokud majetek nemá výše uvedené vlastnosti, spotřebitel může také požadovat dodání nového zboží bez vad, pokud to není vzhledem k povaze vady nepřiměřené, avšak pokud se vada týká pouze částí předmětu, spotřebitel mohou vyžadovat pouze náhradní díly; pokud to není možné, může odstoupit od smlouvy. Je-li však vada v rozporu s povahou vady, zejména v případě, že vada může být odstraněna bez zbytečného odkladu, má spotřebitel nárok na bezplatné odstranění vady. Spotřebitel má nárok na novou položku nebo na náhradu, a to i v případě závady, která může být odstraněna, jestliže předmět nemůže být řádně použit pro opakované vady po opravě nebo pro více vad. V takovém případě má spotřebitel právo odstoupit od smlouvy.

Pokud spotřebitel neodstoupí od smlouvy nebo nevyužívá právo dodat novou položku bez vad, vyměnit její součást nebo opravit předmět, může požadovat přiměřenou slevu. Spotřebitel má právo na přiměřenou slevu i v případě, že prodávající nemůže dodávat novou věc bez vad, nahradit součást nebo opravit předmět, a pokud prodávající neprovede nápravu v přiměřené lhůtě nebo že náprava pro spotřebitele by způsobilo vážné potíže.

Právo na vadné plnění kupujícího nepatří, pokud kupující věděl, že před vstupem věc je věc vadná nebo jestliže kupující sám způsobil vadu.

Spotřebitel je oprávněn uplatnit nárok na vadu, ke které dochází u spotřebního zboží do 24 měsíců od převzetí. Pokud dojde k závadě během šesti měsíců od převzetí, považuje se záležitost v době jejího převzetí za vadnou.

Other rights and obligations of the parties relating to the seller's liability for defects may be regulated by the vendor's complaint rules.

IV. Withdrawal from the sales contract

If the purchase contract is concluded by means of distance communication (in electronic commerce), the consumer is in accordance with § 1829 paragraph (If there are several types of goods or the delivery of several parts of the purchase contract, this period will expire from the date of the last delivery of goods). Withdrawal from the sales contract must be sent to the sender within the deadline specified in the previous sentence.         

In the case of ZE, the consumer wishes to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the previous paragraph within 14 DNU, contact the seller with the best written notice , ZE withdraws from the contract, specifying the Ideal Order number, the date of the purchase of the account number for the refund. To withdraw from the sales contract, the consumer may use the template form attached to these terms and conditions. Withdrawal from the contract the consumer may address, among other things, to the mailing address of the seller or by e-mail seller odpora@fitnesspohotovost.cz       

V případě, že spotřebitel odstoupí od smlouvy v souladu s předchozími odstavci, prodávající vrátí obdržené prostředky od spotřebitele (s výjimkou dodatečných nákladů na dodání zboží vzniklého kupujícím vybraných dodávek jiných než nejlevnější standardní dodávka zboží nabízeného prodávajícím) 14 dní po odstoupení od kupní smlouvy kupujícím a    stejným způsobem jako prodejce přijal od spotřebitele, pokud kupující nestanoví jinak. Prodávající má také právo na vrácení zboží poskytnutého spotřebitelem v okamžiku, kdy je zboží vráceno spotřebiteli nebo jinak, za předpokladu, že spotřebitel souhlasí a spotřebiteli nevzniká dodatečné náklady. Pokud spotřebitel odstoupí od kupní smlouvy, není prodávající povinen vrátit obdržené peníze spotřebiteli předtím, než kupující vrátí zboží nebo ukáže, že zboží bylo odesláno prodejci - tato možnost je podmíněna fyzickou kontrolou zboží odeslané prodávajícím.

However, the provisions of the law of withdrawal within the 14-day period can not be understood as the possibility of renting the goods free of charge. In the event právo odstoupit od smlouvy, musí spotřebitel ,within 14 days of the receipt of the transaction, issue within 14 days of the withdrawal of the contract all that he has acquired under the purchase contract. If the consumer provides financial compensation in return for what can no longer be given , the consumer must provide financial compensation If the returned goods are only partially damaged, the seller may claim compensation for the consumer and count his claim for the returned purchase price. The seller is inin such a case, to prove the damage. Seller of Consumer in                  v takovém případě pouze vrátí sníženou kupní cenu.

Při kupní ceně, která má být vrácena spotřebiteli, může prodávající kompenzovat své skutečné náklady na vrácení zboží.

Spotřebitel nemá právo odstoupit od kupní smlouvy v souladu s ustanoveními § 1837 občanského zákoníku, a to zejména v těchto případech: 

  • o poskytnutí služeb, pokud byli s předchozím výslovným souhlasem spokojeni před uplynutím lhůty k odstoupení a obchodník informoval spotřebitele před uzavřením smlouvy, že v takovém případě nemá právo odstoupit od smlouvy,
  • na finančním trhu, nezávisle na vůli podnikatele, která se může vyskytnout během lhůty pro odstoupení od smlouvy, dodání zboží nebo služeb, jejichž cena závisí na přesídlení
  • na dodání zboží, které bylo upraveno podle přání zákazníka nebo jeho osoby,
  • repair or maintenance carried out at a place designated by the consumer at his request; does not apply to subsequent repairs other than repairs requested or delivery of spare parts other than those requested
  • which excludes the claim rules

Further information on the consumer's withdrawal from the purchase contract within the 14-day period is available on the Seller's website www.fitnessservis.cz 

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order for goods labeled "On Demand - Currently unavailable" if the goods can no longer be delivered or replaced by another model or if the price has changed significantly and the customer does not accept it before the purchase contract is established. The seller informs you of this situation. If part or all of the order is paid, the money will be returned to the customer for his bank account. 

V. Privacy Policy

Customer information is maintained in accordance with applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. as subsequently amended and supplemented. By signing the agreement, the buyer agrees to process and collect his or her personal data in the seller's database after the successful performance of the contract and until such time as it expresses in writing its disagreement with such processing.   

The buyer has the right of access to his / her personal data, the right to correct them, including other legal rights to such data. Personal data may be removed from the database upon written request from the customer. Personal data of customers are fully protected against abuse. Customer's personal data is not passed on to any other person. Exceptions are the carriers, which are the customers' personal data transmitted to the minimum extent that is necessary for the delivery of goods.     

The individual contracts are archived after their conclusion by the operator and are in electronic form and are accessible only to the operators.

The vendor is registered in the personal data processing registry kept by the Office for Personal Data Protection under No. 00051410/001.

VI. Cost of using remotely communication means

Spotřebitel souhlasí s používáním dálkových komunikačních prostředků při uzavírání kupní smlouvy. Náklady vzniklé kupujícímu při použití dálkových komunikačních prostředků v souvislosti s uzavřením kupní smlouvy (náklady na připojení k internetu, náklady na telefonní hovory) hradí sám kupující.

VII. Závěrečná ustanovení

Stížnosti spotřebitelů sells the seller via an electronic addressodpora@fitnesspohotovost.cz . Informace o vyřizování stížnosti zašle prodejce na elektronickou adresu spotřebitele.   

The seller is authorized to sell the goods on the basis of a trade license. The trade license is carried out within the scope of its competence by the relevant Trade Licensing Office. Supervision of the protection of personal data is carried out by the Office for Personal Data Protection. The Czech Trade Inspection exercises to a limited extent, among other things, supervision over the observance of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended.

These Terms and Conditions apply in the wording given on the Webové stránky prodávajícíhofor the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement. The consumer's order is archived for confirmation of the concluded contract between the buyer and the seller for the purpose of its fulfillment and other evidence and its status is accessible to the buyer. The contract can be concluded in the Czech language, possibly in other languages, if it is not the reason for the impossibility of closing it. By purchasing the customer, he / she agrees to send commercial messages.     

These business terms allow consumers to archive and reproduce. By the conclusion of a purchase agreement, the buyer accepts all terms and conditions of business applicable on the date of dispatch of the order, including the price of the ordered goods stated in the confirmed order, unless otherwise agreed otherwise in the specific case.       

This Complaints Procedure takes effect on 1.1. 2014 


This Complaint Procedure Code was elaborated in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code and z.č. 634/1992 Coll., The Consumer Protection Act, as amended (hereinafter the "Act") and applies to consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as "goods") for which the Buyer's liability for defects is exercised in the warranty period only "Complaints").       

I. Definition of terms

Seller is:   

First Financial sro 

IČO 28379179       

DIČ CZ28379179        

We are payers

Registered office: Praha - Žižkov, Vlkova 821/23, postcode 130 00   

Workshop: Stříbrná Skalice, Pražská 223, postal code: 281 67 

  která při uzavírání a plnění smlouvy jedná v rámci své obchodní nebo jiné obchodní činnosti. Je to fyzická osoba podnikající, která dodává zboží nebo služby kupujícímu přímo nebo prostřednictvím jiných podnikatelů. 

Zákazníkem našeho internetového obchodu je kupující Vzhledem k platné právní úpravě se kupující, který je spotřebitelem kupujícím, nerozlišuje mezi spotřebitelem definice níže.             

Kupující podle své volby již ve fázi objednávky, který může následně přejít na kupní smlouvu, se stává kupujícím spotřebitelem nebo kupujícím podnikatele podle následujících kritérií:     

Buyer consumer (THE consumer), every person, Which outside his business or outside independent exercise of their profession enters into a contract with the seller or otherwise one.         

A buyer businessman (hereinafter referred to as an entrepreneur) is one who is not a consumer buyer. Any person who concludes contracts related to his / her own business, manufacturing or similar activity or in the independent exercise of his / her profession, or any person acting for the account or on behalf of the entrepreneur   

II. Goods defects

The seller replies to the consumer that the item has no defects when taken over. In particular, the seller replies to the consumer that, at the time the consumer took over,

  • nemovitost má vlastnosti sjednané stranami a v případě neexistence ujednání charakteristiky, které prodejce nebo výrobce popsal nebo které kupující očekává s ohledem na povahu zboží a na reklamu, kterou učiní,
  • věc je vhodná pro účel, který prodávající označuje nebo k němuž se obvykle používá jeho věc svého druhu,
  • záležitost odpovídá kvalitě nebo výkonu dohodnutého vzorku nebo originálu, pokud byla kvalita nebo návrh určen podle dohodnutého vzorku nebo originálu,
  • je věc v příslušném množství, stupni nebo hmotnosti a
  • případ splňuje zákonné požadavky.

III. Práva na vady zboží

Pokud majetek nemá výše uvedené vlastnosti, spotřebitel může také požadovat dodání nového zboží bez vad, pokud to není vzhledem k povaze vady nepřiměřené, avšak pokud se vada týká pouze částí předmětu, spotřebitel mohou vyžadovat pouze náhradní díly; pokud to není možné, může odstoupit od smlouvy.

Je-li však vada v rozporu s povahou vady, zejména v případě, že vada může být odstraněna bez zbytečného odkladu, má spotřebitel nárok na bezplatné odstranění vady.

Spotřebitel má nárok na novou položku nebo na náhradu, a to i v případě závady, která může být odstraněna, jestliže předmět nemůže být řádně použit pro opakované vady po opravě nebo pro více vad. V takovém případě má spotřebitel právo odstoupit od smlouvy.

Pokud spotřebitel neodstoupí od smlouvy nebo nevyužívá právo dodat novou položku bez vad, vyměnit její součást nebo opravit předmět, může požadovat přiměřenou slevu. Spotřebitel má právo na přiměřenou slevu i v případě, že prodávající nemůže dodávat novou věc bez vad, nahradit součást nebo opravit předmět, a pokud prodávající neprovede nápravu v přiměřené lhůtě nebo že náprava pro spotřebitele by způsobilo vážné potíže.

Právo na vadné plnění kupujícího nepatří, pokud kupující věděl, že před vstupem věc je věc vadná nebo jestliže kupující sám způsobil vadu.

IV. Odpovědnost za vady prodané položky (před a po záruce)

The consumer is entitled to claim the right to a defect that occurs on consumer goods for a period of 24 months from the date of receipt. If a defect occurs within six months of the takeover, the matter is deemed to have been defective at the time of its takeover.

The consumer has the right to exercise the right of defect by:

a / Written by e-mail, sent to the e-mail address: odpora@fitnesspohotovost.cz . We recommend using the ad form.         

b / By sending the claimed goods to the sender's address and without a time amount to the correspondence address:    

The company can be FIT sro

IČO: 01526642

Registered office: Praha - Žižkov, Vlkova 821/23, postcode 130 00   

Workshop: Stříbrná Skalice, Pražská 223, postal code: 281 67 

  We recommend that you attach a completed claim form.

Záruční doba začíná okamžikem, kdy kupující obdrží zboží Záruční doba pro buyerspotřebitele je 24 měsíců, ale pro kupujícího podnikatele, který jedná v rámci své podnikatelské nebo jiné činnosti, je záruční doba 1 měsíc Záruční doba se prodlužuje o dobu, po kterou bylo zboží opraveno. V případě výměny zboží pokračuje záruční doba původně zakoupeného zboží. Záruční doba pro podnikatele je pouze tehdy, když jsou náhradní díly nebo jiné součásti instalovány pouze v profesionálním zařízení.           

Použitá práva na vadný výkon (nárok) nemusí být uznána, pokud: 

  1. The product has been damaged during transport (obvious damage to the goods or its packaging must be resolved immediately with the carrier. The customer is obliged to inform the seller immediately of such goods from the carrier). If the carrier is the Czech Post, please communicate it personally for delivery to any post office.     
  2. The product has been damaged by inappropriate installation or handling and operation inconsistent with the user manual (if present). Seller is not responsible for damage to goods or property and health caused by unauthorized manipulation, assembly or use. 
  3. The product was used under conditions that did not match the parameters and requirements stated in the documentation (if there is a product).
  4. The product has been damaged by the effects of elements or force majeure.
  5. Výrobek byl poškozen nadměrným zatížením nebo používáním v rozporu s podmínkami uvedenými v dokumentaci spotřebiče, ve kterém byla instalována. Všechny produkty, které nejsou určeny k profesionálním / komerčním účelům, nejsou určeny pro komerční použití.
  6. Výrobek byl poškozen v důsledku síťového připojení, které neodpovídá platným platným normám ČSN.
  7. The following specific type of spare part is required for the recognition of the claim together with a copy of the proof of installation of a professional firm or an authorized repairer whose worker is professionally qualified according to Decree No. 50/1978 Coll . This item is the so-called electrical spare part - it is one that must be connected to its function, to the el. 230V or 400V networks. These are mainly: electronic modules, programmers, electric clocks, etc. units Any spare part is so specific and subject to this mode, the customer is not notified in advance.                 

V. Settlement of claim

Reklamace spotřebitele včetně odstranění vady musí být vyřešena bez zbytečného odkladu do 30 dnů od data reklamace, pokud se prodávající s spotřebitelem nedohodne delší dobu. Po uplynutí tohoto období jsou spotřebiteli udělena stejná práva jako podstatné porušení smlouvy. K vyřízení pohledávky se považuje i vypořádání nároku.     

Pokud spotřebitel neposkytne potřebné informace a důkazy k vyřízení žádosti - zejména:

1 / Nákupní doklad

2 / informace potřebné k vyřízení nároku  

3 / v případě elektrického náhradního dílu kopie osvědčení o instalaci odborné firmy nebo autorizovaného servisního střediska, jehož personál je odborně způsobilý podle vyhlášky č. 50/1978 Sb .     

although I will be able to sell it, the claim will be rejected by the seller for this reason within 30 days.

  1. The reason for non-recognition and rejection of the claim may be the fact of incorrectly assembling the goods or of unauthorized putting them into operation as well as by misusing them,especially when using goods under conditions that do not match their parameters with the parameters stated in the goods documentation. All products not designated for professional / commercial use are not intended for commercial use.   

Every time you visit a service technician at the buyer, you need to prepare a report of the defects found and how to remove them. Without such a log, the visit of the service technician is not taken into account.

In the event of a withdrawal from the purchase contract or the granting of a discount on the purchase price, the relevant payment is returned to the buyer by transfer to a bank account or, upon agreement, is transferred in cash. 

The buyer's business will be resolved as soon as possible.   

VI. Other

The seller's liability for defects does not apply to wear and tear caused by its normal use in a case sold at a lower price for a defect for which the lower price has been agreed, the nature of the matter.

At the request of the consumer, the seller is obliged to provide the consumer with a written confirmation of the obligations of defective performance to the extent stipulated by the law (warranty certificate). If the nature of the matter so permits, it is sufficient, instead of the warranty card, to issue to the buyer proof of purchase of the item containing the information (invoice), which must include the data as a warranty card. The warranty card must include the name and surname, the name or business name of the seller, the registered office, in the case of a legal person or residence in respect of a natural person. If a longer than statutory warranty is provided, the seller will determine the terms and extent of the warranty extension in the warranty card.

Spotřebitel je oprávněn odstoupit od smlouvy ve všech případech stanovených zákonem. Odstoupení od prodávajícího je účinné od okamžiku, kdy obdrží prohlášení o odstoupení od kupujícího za předpokladu, že jsou splněny všechny nezbytné právní podmínky. V případě odstoupení od smlouvy je smlouva zrušena od samého počátku a smluvní strany jsou povinny vrátit na jejich základě vše, co poskytly. V případě zrušení smlouvy z důvodu uplatnění práv vyplývajících z odpovědnosti za vady kupující vrátí plnění poskytnuté prodávajícím pouze v míře objektivně možné v dané situaci.

VII. Závěrečná ustanovení

Změny reklamních pravidel jsou vyhrazeny.

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