Cardio fitness

Cardio fitness


Cardio.Under cardio exercise, permanent movable units are required for approximately 12 minutes. in which large muscle groups keep pace with endurance training. It mainly trains the breathing and the cardiovascular system.

The term cardio comes from "cardiovascular", which suggests a training effect on blood circulation.Cardio training can consist of various sports.When performing cardio unit, the workload is crucial.Fat consumption depends on the heart rate.

Therefore, he should know his rest and the maximum pulse.


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Star Trac S-TBTx Total Body Trainer
Price without VAT:1 423,- EUR
Price with VAT1 722,- EUR
Sleva3 736,- EUR
S-TRc running trainer
Price without VAT:1 181,- EUR
Price with VAT1 429,- EUR
Sleva5 861,- EUR
Precor treadmill Treadmill 9.33
price without dph from:1 062,- EUR
price with dph from1 285,- EUR
Sleva4 759,- EUR
price without dph from:1 060,- EUR
price with dph from1 282,- EUR
Life Fitness Engage 95
Price without VAT:879,- EUR
Price with VAT1 064,- EUR
Eliptical inSPORTline SEG-EG-7520
Price without VAT:509,- EUR
Price with VAT616,- EUR
Kettler Satura Cross Trainer
Price without VAT:360,- EUR
Price with VAT436,- EUR
Sleva440,- EUR
Ergometr Tunturi E60R
Price without VAT:345,- EUR
Price with VAT418,- EUR


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