CYBEX fitness

CYBEX fitness

When designing a gym for commercial use, our goal is to recommend to the customer a fitness facility that will match the planned use of the facility in terms of attendance, expected customer segment, acquisition costs and practicality during operation. In order to fully meet the needs of your fitness center customers, fitness studios, a commercial gym or club gym, we always focus on your needs and expectations individually.

Our work begins with a personal meeting and gathering of information. On this basis, we develop a proposal where we define individual zones and recommend an optimal solution based on our experience in the giant. Subsequently we will develop 2D and 3D models of the future gym, taking into account all the comments. After that, our team and our team are working. The complete equipment of the gym will be delivered and installed, based on the contract, we will take care of the after-sales service. For public fitness centers and sports clubs, we offer prestigious fitness machines of American manufacturer CYBEX, which produces several model series of fitness machines.
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Cybex EAGLE - The EAGLE model series is currently the most sophisticated booming machine system that has no competition in the world today. CYBEX is committed to researching biomechanics as the greatest resources of all companies and the results of their work is to know. If you choose EAGLE, be sure that you will not have a fitness in your region that can compete with you.

Cybex VR3 - a model series called VR3 is a fully commercial series of fitness machines with sophisticated biomechanics to meet the demands of the most demanding clients. This range is suitable for sports and health clubs, military gymnasiums and other facilities. It is the best-selling model series of this manufacturer

Cybex VR1 - Lightweight VR1 is suitable for smaller centers, lady centers, hotels, guesthouses and other similar facilities. The VR1 Series is proven by many years of experience and hundreds of implementations. Meets everything you expect from quality fitness machines. The choice of metal colors of the construction and the leather is the standard for all three basic model series.

Cybex BIG IRON - the BIG IRON product line from CYBEX is the ideal companion for adding weight to FREE WEIGHT. These are great booster structures that excel in their durability. They are made of high-quality solid steel and every athlete will certainly appreciate their easy and intuitive setting in a convenient starting position.

Cybex PLATE LOADED and Cybex FREE WEIGHT meet the high standards of CYBEX in terms of safety, functionality and design. Each Plate Loaded is built to be usable for a wide variety of users, regardless of weight, height, and performance. The line of Plate Loaded Machines is also developed with the emphasis on space-saving machines. Free Weight is a comprehensive range of benches, racks, and standouts for free weight exercises. Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Each machine is designed and manufactured with an emphasis on long service life while maintaining a pure aesthetic appearance.

All CYBEX products are manufactured in the USA!

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