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FITNESS service offers a complete post-warranty service

FITNESS   service   offers a complete post-warranty service and repairs of various types and brands of fitness machines. Service and revision of entire fitness centers, hotel, school, corporate fitness.  Service of  electric motors, control units, cylinder modifications, V-belts,  treadmill treads  . We provide information service.




Evolve Fitness is a patented brand. We manufacture our equipment and supplies in the world's largest elite factories


A new generation to lose weight!

Lose weight while enjoying your favorite food! Discover a new range of natural weight loss drinks from Valentus and experience a new kind of health and vitality.  

Formulated with the best natural ingredients from some of the best preserved places in the world!


Do you start growing or do you already have experience?

Whether you want to grow sleepy Indica, sharp sativa, strong medical strains or even CBD,
your marijuana crop is only as good as your   seeds   and we can vouch for them. The website is new, but we have wholesale customers all over Europe.

CBD creams


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