To make it work - bicycle service eliminates downtime

Treadmills are a popular and nowadays equipment of fitness centers, hotel fitness and households. Nowadas the service exercise bike is forgetting. Very easy to use, calories burn quickly and can be used no matter what the weather is like. Exercise bikes and spinning bikes are also very popular in all fitness centers because they get you in good shape quite quickly. If they are fit.

With regular exercise, treadmills also need regular maintenance. Of course, this is also recommended by the manufacturers, often making the recognition of complaints possible. If the machine has been working for months without basic maintenance, it is no wonder that after a while the exercise bike creaks, "goes stiff", it just doesn't work as well as clients expect. So they start avoiding him. They do not want to use it because they do not have the relaxed experience that they are accustomed to representing discomfort. Few can afford to have in fitness machines that do not work.
This can be avoided if you arrange regular service. As part of maintenance work, the specialist will not only check and record your condition, but also lubricate, tighten, and set the correct parameters. The preventive maintenance program helps keep your treadmills in good condition, reduces downtime and prevents serious equipment breakdowns. The risk of injury and damage to the client when using it is reduced. You will be sure that all your fitness machines are functional and safe, customers will be happy to continue using them, business will step on.
If you turn to our fitness alert, you will receive a package of useful services, including regular maintenance not only of your exercise bikes, but of all machines in your fitness. Of course there is cleaning, lubrication and replacement of damaged parts. We provide comprehensive services, according to your needs we set the frequency of inspections, what we can repair, what not, we buy for spare parts.

Take advantage of our services and arrange for the professional service of your exercise bikes once and you do not have to worry any more. You can fully focus on your business and leave everything else to us - we will check the dates of regular inspections and take care of the condition of your machines.

If you need help with service, advice or information about fitness equipment, we will be happy to advise you on the phone number 603 901 928,

You can request service simply and without obligation here.
What we can do:

  • Reconditioning of fitness machines, we buy broken machines.
  • Engine repair and refurbishment for fitness machines, treads, treadmill courts.
  • Fitness machines service and repair.
  • Service and repair of pulleys and other fitness equipment.
  • Service of vacuum machines. Cardio service zone.
  • Full gym service. Fitness center service.
Rotoped Life Fitness Engage 95
Cena bez DPH: 958,- EUR
1 159,- EUR
Rotoped Matrix U5x
Cena bez DPH: 635,- EUR
768,- EUR
Ergometr Tunturi E60R
Cena bez DPH: 376,- EUR
455,- EUR
Cyklotrenažér SportsArt C53U Upright Bike
Cena bez DPH: 236,- EUR
285,- EUR

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