Keep your ellipticals fit

Keep your ellipticals fit The elliptical trainer is one of the most loaded machines in fitness centers. The elliptical trainer is a highly effective fitness machine that ranks among the aerobic fitness machines. Exercise on the machine elliptical trainer can be replaced by riding a treadmill, running on a treadmill and still climbing stairs, so you can complete a complete exercise in a relatively short time.

It is quite understandable that the machines so exhausted wear out more quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to retighten all external screw connections and lubricate the plain bearings and all moving joints. The elliptical  track trainer  is a bit more maintenance-intensive, and the grooves in the rails must be cleaned regularly, as dirt damages the rails and the wheels. 

Elipticaly,   more than any other fitness machine, really needs regular service. Here's what they need to do:


  • Wipe the machine with cleaning solution and a soft cloth
  • Make sure the unit has smooth movement.
  • Check that the display is working properly.


  • Make sure nothing gets dirty anywhere (or lubricate)
  • Check all connections
  • Check the power cord (if necessary)


  • Annually:  Check all screws at all turning points.
  • Clean and lubricate turnpoints.
  • Check that the program is working properly.

Professional service.

Of course  , you can lubricate, tighten and check your components for wear , including   elliptical trainers . Or you can contact us, we take care of everything and you spend your precious time on activities that are much more important to your business and that no one else will do for you.
Professional maintenance will significantly extend the lifetime of the elliptical trainers, will treat them safely and ensure that they can be used comfortably and without risk. If you call our fitness emergency, we will come, set up the cooperation, service package and frequency of maintenance according to your needs and you are worried.

Everything will be guarded by our specialists: future service date, condition of machines and replacement of damaged parts.
In addition to regular service, we can reuse the machines, or buy old machines for spare parts and provide you new or refurbished in perfect condition.
If you need help with service, advice or information about fitness equipment, we will be happy to advise you on the phone number 603 901 928,

You can request service simply and without obligation   here.

What we know:

  • Reconditioning fitness machines, we buy broken machines.
  • Repair and refurbishment of engine for fitness machines, treads, treadmill courts.
  • Fitness machines service and repair.
  • Service and repair of pulleys and other fitness equipment.
  • Service of vacuum machines. Cardio service zone.
  • Servicing whole gym. Fitness center service.

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